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This Wiki page contains technical information on Telink IoT SoC products, including development tools, datasheets, application notes, user guides, and application examples. This Wiki is currently only maintained and updated by Telink Semincondutor employees but open to all community members for reading and downloading. It serves as a base for easy information access for Telink products.

For detailed technical discussions, please make use of the companion Telink Technical Forum where questions can be raised on all technical aspects and getting answers from either fellow developers or Telink employees.

For generic information on Telink Semiconductor, please visit Telink Homepage.

Getting Started

  • STEP 1: Download IDE from “tools” menu
  • STEP 2: Download Telink Burning and Debugging Tool (BDT) from “tools” menu
  • STEP 3: Obtain EVK or Reference Design Kit from Telink Sales Team
  • STEP 4: Get quick start guide from “solution” menu
  • STEP 5: Download related Product Brief, Datasheet, and SDK from “chipset” menu

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