TLSR827x & TLSR8355 Series

TLSR827x and TLSR8355 series presents the Telink-developed Bluetooth LE + IEEE802.15.4 multi-standard wireless SoC solution with internal Flash and audio support, which combines the features and functions needed for all 2.4GHz IoT standards into a single SoC. The chip supports standards and industrial alliance specifications including Bluetooth Low Energy (up to Bluetooth 5.1), BLE Mesh, 6LoWPAN, Thread, Zigbee, RF4CE, HomeKit, ANT and 2.4GHz proprietary standard.

Part Number SRAM Flash Protocol Test Report Package Size
TLSR8278F1KET48 64KB 1MB Multimode BLE5.1+2.4G+mesh RoHS
QFN48-SIP 7x7x0.75mm-0.5
TLSR8273F512ET48 64KB 512KB BLE5.1+2.4G QFN32-SIP 7x7x0.75mm-0.5
TLSR8271F512ET32 32KB 512KB BLE5.1+2.4G RoHS
QFN32-SIP 5x5x0.75mm-0.5
TLSR8271F512ET24 32KB 512KB QFN24-SIP 4x4x0.75mm-0.5
TLSR8355F128ET24 32KB 128KB 2.4G RoHS
QFN24-SIP 4x4x0.75mm-0.5
Tx +10dBm
Rx -97dBm@BLE1Mbps
Power Consumption Power@3V:
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827x and 8355 Reference Design

Reference Design Chipset Quick Guide SDK Download SDK Development Manual HW Design Document
BLE Generic TLSR8278 SDK beta V1.0.0
2.4G proprietary(RFID&ESL) TLSR8355 2.4G Propriatery SDK V3.1.0

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