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TLSR823x Family Boards

Telink has designed several kinds of boards which are helpful to evaluate at the beginning of projects. After customers are familar with the boards and stock, customers can develop theirs own projects in many different field basing on the boards.

1. TLSR8232 development board

TLSR8232 development board is a kind of generic board. it support many functions, including RF, gpio, button and so on. So it is easy to develop TLSR8232 corresponding application.
TLSR8232 development board

2. TLSR8232 remote control

Since there is a remote control sample project in TLSR8232 BLE SDK, TLSR8232 remote control is designed as an example. TLSR8232 remote control supports IR-learning, RF key and so on. So it is helpful to evaluate for customers.
TLSR8232 remote control

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