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Burning and Debugging Tool

Telink Burning and Debugging Tool (BDT) applies to Telink SoCs 8267, 8269, 8266, 8232, 8233, 8366, 8368 and 8x5x series. During SDK development, BDT's functionality includes “Erase flash sector”, “Download firmware”, “Activate MCU when communication failed”, “Access memory space including FLASH /CORE /ANALOG /OTP”, “Read/Write global variable” and “View USB log”.

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User can follow the guide in this section to download firmware into specific flash space of the target board via “EVK” mode.

1.Connect target board with “Burning EVK” via Swire

2.Donwload FW into “FLASH” via “EVK” mode

Step1:Select chip type of the target board, e.g. 8258 (default option)

Step2:Select download mode as “EVK”

Step3:Click the “Setting” button to select the offset of flash starting address default at 0

Step4:Select the target firmware file to be downloaded into the target board

Step5:Download the selected file into the target board

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