Bluetooth® Dual-mode Multi-connection Solution


This solution is suitable for scenarios where both Bluetooth® Classic and Bluetooth® Low Energy exist at the same time.

It features an excellent scheduling mechanism to ensure that multiple connections can work simultaneously and smoothly


The difficulty of this scheme is the timing design. Laptop is usually equipped with Bluetooth module as standard, and it is generally available to connect directly with classic Bluetooth or Bluetooth low energy devices. However, if multiple devices are used at the same time, because the timing of the host control terminal is not optimized, multiple devices are likely to cause jams and frame drop due to timing conflicts. And our plan is to sort out and optimize the timing, which can make many Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth Low Energy designs coexist.

To complete this demo, you’ll need

  • The B91 development board act as gateway in demo stage, while the TLSR9513 will be used in product design.
  • Bluetooth Classic devices, in this demo TWS earbuds* will be used for demostration.
  • Multiple Bluetooth Low Energy devices, such as mouse, keyboard, joystick and so on.
  • Download the bin file for the function demonstration.

*Currently, the TWS earbuds compatible and tested with this solution include Mi-AIR 2S, Rapoo-XS200.


Configuring the Demo Kit

Step 1: Connect the Burning Board to the USB port of the PC. Connect the B91 development board to the Burning Board.

Step 2: Launch the TELINK BDT tool on PC, and program the B91 development board.

Step 3: Disconnect the target boards from the Burning Board. Disconnect the Burning Board from the PC.

Pairing the Gateway with the Bluetooth® Devices

Step 1: Power on the B91 development board (Gateway) by plug it into the PC USB port.

Step 2: Press the button on the B91 development board entering the pairing mode, put on earbuds and it will be connected to the gateway automatically.

Step 3: Pair the other Bluetooth HID devices with the B91 development board.

Step 4: You can now start using external Bluetooth devices, and try out the smooth user experience without stuttering.

Application Scenarios

HCI controller

TLSR9 works as an universal Bluetooth Classic/LE controller, it is connected with MCU (works as a host) via standard HCI interface. The integration enables the OTT box / STB /TV to connect with either Telink solution based devices or 3rd party Bluetooth Classic / Bluetooth LE compliant devices.


HID + Audio sets

With the dongle plugged into PC and act as a host, HID and audio devices can be connectted to PC at the same time, and these devices can work simultaneously and smoothly. Telink solution provides excellent scheduling mechanism to ensure audio quality while maintaining high HID report rates.