Low Latency Wireless Audio Solution


This solution is based on classic Bluetooth® technology, supports ultra-low-latency audio streaming, which is ideal for wireless entertainment system, e-sports and other applications with strict requirements for minimal delays.


  • Telink customized ultra-low latency solution
  • < 20ms latency end-to-end: The latency data include processing time of both RF and codec
  • Low latency + standard Bluetooth audio dual-connection mode


Please contact Telink Sales Team to get the evaluation kits and demo .bin files.

Application Scenarios

Wireless Speaker Set

The Telink proprietary solution is based on high quality Bluetooth LE audio: LC3 codec. It features flexible hardware and software architecture design applicable to 1-to-N systems.


Wireless Karaoke Set

The Telink proprietary solution is based on Bluetooth LE audio. It features ultra-low latency (~6.4ms end-to-end latency) and supports up to 2 channel inputs and 1x output.


Wireless Gaming Headset

Both ends of the Bluetooth connection require TLSR9-based solution because the timing will be optimized to the best. A dongle is plugged into PC and works as host, and a headset can pair with the dongle and play audio. It allows keep the concurrent connections with PC and mobile, user can play game/listen to music (Bluetooth LE) while answer the phone call (Bluetooth Classic).