Always-On Local Voice RCU Quick Start

Benefits of Always-on Local Voice Remote Control

The AOV RCU solution can deliver improved experience to users:

  • No need to find or grab the RCU
  • No need to push the button for voice control
  • Instant response – as compared to cloud AI
  • Lower cost of AI ownership – no need for cloud service
  • Privacy – no data transmitted to the cloud

The AOV RCU solution can provide the manufacturers with possibility to produce different products:

  • RCU with advanced features targeting high-end segments
  • Proprietary keywords & features
  • Simpler and innovative design – fewer buttons

Comprehensive Always-on Voice RCU Solution



TLSR8278 RF Connectivity

  • Multi-protocol: BLE & RF4CE (IEEE 802.15.4)
  • Ultra-low power: sleep current <1uA
  • Support FR1 Single-Layer PCB
  • Low system BOM
  • Full-stack SDK
  • Mature solution adopted by Tier-1 customers
  • Voice over RF – cloud AI

Near-field to Far-field Offline Voice Interface

  • Typical working distance: within 3 meters
  • Offline keyword spotting & speech recognition
    • Existing demo supports English with global accent
    • “Keyword + command” continuous detection
    • Language and keywords are customizable
  • Model footprint
    • 300KB flash (stored in TLSR8278 and is loaded into the edge AI processor upon power up)
  • Voice detection performance
    • Passed “Alexa” mandatory testing

To complete this demo, you’ll need

The AOV (Always-On Local Voice) RCU demo kit integrated with Alexa volume control skill is ready for quick system evaluation, it includes:

  • TLSR8278 Audio RCU
  • TLSR8278 Dongle (receiver)
  • Telink Burning Board
  • USB cable


PC installed with

AAA Batteries


Step 1: After the RCU is powered on, it will send ADV packet.

Step 2: Plug the dongle into the PC, then press SW2 on dongle board.


Step 3: Once the pairing is successful, the D2 Red LED on the dongle will light up.

  • Note:If RCU and dongle have been paired, RCU will directly connect with dongle.

Step 4: Once the RCU enters deep sleep mode, the white LED on the dongle will light up.

Demo RCU with “Alexa” Keywords


  • Speak “Alexa, Volume up”, the volume will be turned up on the PC.
  • Speak “Alexa, Volume Down”, the volume will be turned down on the PC.

Developer Resources

  • Reference Design and Demo Kit
    • Complete hardware and software reference ready for customization
    • Design consultation and technical support
    • Please contact Telink sales team or representative for more information, NDA may be required
  • Battery Life Estimation
    • Handy tool for system level design
  • Neural Network Model Training
    • Customer can do the training by themselves
    • The 3rd party partner can provides the English Speech training according to customer’s spec
  • Manufacturing and Testing Support
    • Design consultancy, compliance testing, manufacturing, etc.