TWS Earbuds Demo User Guide


This guide describes the behaviour of Telink TLSR9515 TWS Earbuds demo, including earbuds and charging case.

To complete this demo, you’ll need

  • TWS earbuds Demo* will be used for demostration.
  • Download the bin file for the function demonstration.

* For more details, please contact Telink Sales Team

How to use the product

Power On/Off Earbud

  • Open the charging case and the earbud will automatically power on. The blue LED will continue to falsh for 3 times.
  • Put the earbuds back into the charging case and close the case, then earbud will automatically power off. Or press button for 5s, earbud will be powered off.


  • Open the charging case, earbud will power on and go into pairing mode if the earbuds have not been paired before. At the same time, the blue LED and red LED will continue to flash alternately.
  • Turn on the bluetooth on phone, select the device named “Telink-TWS” and click pairing.
  • If the earbuds have been paired already, it will be paired with phone automatically.

Function and Operation

Scenario - Calling

  • Press button one time to answer/hang up the call.

Scenario - Audio

  • Press button one time to pause/play music.


Charge the Earbuds

  • Put the earbud back to the chargeing case, the earbud will enter the charging mode.

Charge the Charging Case

  • Use usb cable to charge the charging case.

LED Indication

  • Earbud in charging mode
    • Red LED on the earbud is on, and blue LED on the charging case is on.
  • Earbud fully charged
    • Red LED on the earbud is off.
  • Charging case in charging mode
    • Blue LED on the charging case is flashing.
  • Charging case fully charged
    • Blue LED on the charging case is on.