Zigbee Solution


Mature, reliable, and highly flexible, Zigbee’s full-stack platform was designed for mesh applications and built for the IoT from the ground up. Telink has been developing Zigbee-enabled SoCs since 2012, and we have the product line to prove it.

Part Number
TLSR8258 Zigbee 3.0 + Bluetooth® 5.0
Concurrent Mode
64K 512K/1M
TLSR8278 Zigbee 3.0 + Bluetooth® 5.1 64K 1M
TLSR9 (RISC-V MCU) Zigbee 3.0 + Bluetooth® 5.2 256K 1M

Development Environment



Item Product Name
1 Telink Burning Board
2 TLSR8258 Development Board
3 TLSR8258 Dongle
4 B91 Development Board
5 B91 Dongle

Software, IDE and Tools

All-in-1 Zigbee SDK for TLSR9 and TLSR8

IDE for TLSR9 Chips

IDE for TLSR8 Chips

Burning and Debugging Tools

Demo Documents

Training Slides

Training Video (CN)

Demo .bin files