RF Test Guide

Before products are ready for mass production, regulation certifications are usually required, for example, FCC, CE, KCC and so on. EMI Tool allows the customer to test RF requirements based on various regulations easily.
We can use Non-Signaling Test Tool to force the product into various Tx mode, rx mode, tune RF power and so on.

EMI Tool

Non-Signaling Test Tool

EMI Test

Chip Type EMI bin
TLSR952x/922x BDT/EMI_Tool
TLSR951x/921x BDT/EMI_Tool
TLSR827x Download
TLSR8258/8253/8251/8656/8359 Download
TLSR8208 Download
TLSR8232 Download
TLSR8369 Download
TLSR8267/8269/8646 Download
TLSR8261 Download
TLSR8366 Download


  • TLSR8267 EMI bin file also applies to TLSR8269 and TLSR8646
  • TLSR8267 EMI manual applies to TLSR8646 and TLSR8269 as well