TLSR836x Series



The TLSR836x series is dedicated to 2.4GHz RF System-On-Chip solution, such as wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, non-audio remote control applications, and etc.


Part Number SRAM Flash Protocol Package Size Test Report
TLSR8366ET24 6KB 16KB OTP 2.4G QFN 4x4, 24 pins RoHS

* For other packages options, please contact Telink.


Download TLSR8366 Datasheet

Software Development Kit

SDK Name Chipset Quick Guide SDK Download SDK Development Manual Checksum(sha256)
2.4G Lighting
TLSR836x SDK V1.1.1 afb8d1d187170d6c3a1ebc5dfdd2f5bd7d800098bd38f73a71e48130254ce1f4

Development Kit and Application Boards

S/N Product Name Category Design Document
TLSR8369DK40D* TLSR8369 Development Board Development Board Reference Design

TLSR8369DK40D*: This EVK board is designed in the largest package (QFN40) of the series, which can cover the other package chips.


* The SoCs and development kits can be purchased online via Mouser or Taobao.

* They can also be obtained by contacting Telink.