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Mature, reliable, and highly flexible, Zigbee’s full-stack platform was designed for mesh applications and built for the IoT from the ground up. With a rich cluster library and a powerful open standard (Dotdot), Zigbee lets device-makers build products that speak the same language, creating highly interoperable ecosystems across multiple verticals. Telink is participant member in Connectivity Standards Alliance, and Telink have passed Zigbee 3.0 Ready Platform + GreenPower Certification, Zigbee Pro Compliant Platform, RF4CE, ZRC2.0, ZHA/ZLL Certification.


Part Number
TLSR921x 256K 1M Zigbee 3.0 + Bluetooth® 5.0
TLSR8258 64K 512K/1M Zigbee 3.0 + Bluetooth® 5.0
Concurrent Mode
TLSR8656 64K 512K Zigbee 3.0
TLSR8278 64K 1M Zigbee 3.0 + Bluetooth® 5.1

Typical Applications




Item Product Name
1 Telink Burning Board
2 B85 Development Board
3 B85 Dongle
4 B91 Development Board
5 B91 Dongle

Software, IDE and Tools

→ IDE for TLSR9 Chips

→ Burning and Debugging Tools

→ All-in-1 Zigbee SDK for TLSR9 and TLSR8–>

→ IDE for TLSR8 Chips

Quick Start

Training Slides

Demo .bin files

Introduction of Zigbee Direct

Zigbee Direct is a new feature of Zigbee that simplifies onboarding and control of Zigbee devices directly via Bluetooth Low Energy devices. A Zigbee Virtual Device (e.g., a phone or a hub) establishes a secure connection with a Zigbee Direct Device (e.g., a Zigbee light bulb). The communication between these two devices is strictly over Bluetooth Low Energy. This communication channel carries Zigbee NWK and Application messages.Once the connection between ZVD and ZDD is established, ZVD can send commands to the ZDD and other Zigbee devices on the same network (where ZDD serves as a proxy) .

Resources of Zigbee Direct

Part Number
TLSR921x 256K 1M Zigbee 3.0 + Bluetooth® 5.0

Demo of Zigbee Direct

Hardware of Zigbee Direct


Item Product Name
1 Telink Burning Board
2 B91 Development Board
3 B91 Dongle

Quick Start of Zigbee Direct

Zigbee Direct Demo Video

Zigbee Direct Demo .bin files