TLSR823x Series



The TLSR823x series integrates a power-balanced 32-bit proprietary MCU, a high-performance Bluetooth® LE/2.4GHz Radio, SRAM, embedded flash or OTP, a general-purpose ADC, a quadrature decoder (QDEC), PWM, flexible I/O interfaces and other peripheral blocks required for Bluetooth® Low Energy application development.


Status Part Number SRAM Flash Protocol Package Size Test Report
No New Design, Recommend TLSR8208 TLSR8232F512ET32 16KB 512KB up to and including Bluetooth LE 5.0 (non-Audio) QFN 5x5, 32 pins RoHS
No New Design, Recommend TLSR8208 TLSR8232F512ET24 16KB 512KB up to and including Bluetooth LE 5.0 (non-Audio) QFN 4x4, 24 pins RoHS

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Download TLSR8232 Datasheet

Software Development Kit

SDK Name Chipset Quick Guide SDK Download SDK Development Manual Checksum(sha256)
Bluetooth LE Generic TLSR8232 SDK V1.3.1 Telink 8232 Bluetooth LE SDK Developer Handbook null
Driver TLSR8232 SDK V1.4.1 b8aa92e34de035e6b305f8b1145678a7772824e41ce04bb4c1b3e803321e4afe

Development Kit and Application Boards

S/N Product Name Category Design Document
TLSR8232DK32D TLSR8232 Development Board Development Board Spec and Reference Design
TLSR8232DK32D-KIT TLSR8232 Generic Starter Kit Development Kit


* The SoCs and development kits can be purchased online via Mouser or Taobao.

* They can also be obtained by contacting Telink.