BQB Test Guide

If user develop a BLE project, you must do BQB test. In the test, you will use one of the equipments, for example, MT8852B, CBT, CMW, IQ2010 and so on. Telink has prepared demo for customer as follow.

Chip Type BQB bin Test Manual
TLSR827x Download Manual
TLSR825x Download Manual
TLSR8232 Download Manual
TLSR8367/8369 Download Manual
TLSR8266/8267/8269 Download Manual
TLSR8263 Download Manual


  • TLSR8267 BQB bin file also applies to TLSR8269
  • TLSR8267 BQB manual applies to TLSR8266 and TLSR8269 as well
  • TLSR825x BQB test bin, use PA0 as RX and PA2 as TX (connecting to RS232 TX and RX, respectively)