TLSR827x Series

Telink’s new generation TLSR827x series presents state of the art ultra low power (ULP) concurrent multi-protocol IoT solution at ISM 2.4GHz band. It has protocol full support for BLE 5.1. It also supports both Telink proprietary and SIG BLE Mesh, Zigbee, RF4CE, HomeKit, Thread, ANT and 2.4GHz proprietary.

The TLSR827x is built around a 32-bit MCU running up to 48MHz. It has 14bit ADC with PGA, AMIC, DMIC, stereo audio output, 6-channel PWM, one quadrature decoder (QDEC), and flexible GPIO interfaces.

Compared with TLSR825x, the TLSR827x series has a few salient features: Allows flexible antenna element switch to fully support BLE 5.1, RF Inductor integrated enabling BOM Reduction, Audio Enhancement, WiFi PTA hardware interface.


Part Number SRAM Flash Protocol Package Size Test Report
TLSR8278F1KET48 64KB 1MB Multi-mode, BLE5.1, AoA/AoD QFN 7x7, 48 pins RoHS
TLSR8273F512ET48 64KB 512KB BLE5.1+SIG Mesh+2.4G, AoA/AoD, RF4CE QFN 7x7, 48 pins RoHS
TLSR8271F512ET48 32KB 512KB BLE5.1+2.4G+Telink Mesh, AoA Tx QFN 7x7, 48 pins RoHS
TLSR8271F512ET32 32KB 512KB BLE5.1+2.4G+Telink Mesh, AoA Tx QFN 5x5, 32 pins RoHS
TLSR8271F512ET24 32KB 512KB BLE5.1+2.4G+Telink Mesh, AoA Tx QFN 4x4, 24 pins RoHS

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Download TLSR8278 Datasheet

Download TLSR8273 Datasheet

Download TLSR8271 Datasheet

Software Development Kit

Quick Guide
SDK Download
SDK Development Manual
BLE Generic TLSR8278/8273/8271 SDK V1.1.1 null
BLE SIG Mesh TLSR8278/8273 SDK V3.2.2 and Tools Development Manual null
BLE Telink Mesh TLSR8278/8273/8271 Telink Mesh Quick Guide SDK V1.Q.0 and Tools/patch Development Manual null
AoA/AoD TLSR8278/8273/8271 SDK V1.0.0 Position Solution Introduction null
2.4G Proprietary TLSR8278/8273/8271 SDK V3.2.3 06bb7385f496c10753af699205da2fc9e7b3185b3b8518abde31b744d35e8303
RF4CE TLSR8278/8273 RF4CE SDK Guide SDK V2.3.1
PC Tool
Zigbee TLSR8278 Zigbee Quick Guide SDK V3.5.2 Development Manual null
Driver TLSR8278/8273/8271 SDK V1.2.0 null

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Development Kit and Application Boards

TLSR827X Hardware Design Guide

S/N Product Name Category Design Document
TLSR8278DK48D TLSR8278 Development Board Development Board Reference Design
TLSR8278DG48D TLSR8278 Dongle Application Board Reference Design
TLSR8278ARC48D TLSR8278 Audio RCU Application Board FR1 Reference Design
FR4 Reference Design
TLSR8278IP48D TLSR8278 Indoor Positioning Board Application Board Reference Design