TLSR836x Series

The TLSR836x series is dedicated to 2.4GHz RF System-On-Chip solution, such as wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, non-audio remote control applications, and etc.


Part Number SRAM Flash Protocol Package Size Test Report
TLSR8369ET40 8KB 16KB OTP 2.4G QFN 7x7, 48 pins RoHS
TLSR8369ET24 8KB 16KB OTP 2.4G QFN 4x4, 24 pins RoHS
TLSR8367EP16 8KB 16KB OTP 2.4G SOP 9.9x6, 16 pins RoHS

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Download TLSR8369 Datasheet

Download TLSR8367 Datasheet

Software Development Kit

Development Kit and Application Boards

S/N Product Name Category Design Document
TLSR8369DK40D* TLSR8369 Development Board Development Board Reference Design

TLSR8369DK40D*: This EVK board is designed in the largest package (QFN40) of the series, which can cover the other package chips, including TLSR8369 and TLSR8367.