TLSR921x Series



The TLSR921x Series is the latest addition to Telink’s family of high-performance, ultra-low-power, cost-optimized, muti-protocol wireless connectivity SoCs. The TLSR921x integrates a powerful 32-bit RISC-V MCU with a variety of powerful core features and peripheral blocks to provide a foundation for advanced IoT devices. The TLSR921x includes multi-stage power management design allowing ultra-low power operation and making it the ideal candidate for power-sensitive applications. The TLSR921x’s superior level of integration enables customers to optimise total system cost.


Part Number SRAM Flash Protocol GPIO Package Size Application Test Report
TLSR9218A 256KB 1MB Qualified for Bluetooth LE 5.3, Bluetooth Mesh, AoA/AoD, 6LoWPAN/Thread, 802.15.4, Zigbee, HomeKit, 2.4G Proprietary 26 QFN 6x6, 48 pins High-end IoT RoHS
TLSR9215A 256KB External Qualified for Bluetooth LE 5.3,BLE Mesh, Zigbee 3.0, HomeKit, 6LoWPAN, Thread and 2.4 GHz proprietary 34 QFN 6x6, 48 pins Wearable RoHS

* For other packages options, please contact Telink.


Download TLSR9218 Datasheet

Download TLSR9215 Datasheet

Download Errata

Software Development Kit

SDK Name
Quick Guide
SDK Download
SDK Handbook
Bluetooth® LE Generic TLSR921x SDK V3.3.0.1_Patch_0001 Developer Handbook
Developer Handbook (CN)
Bluetooth® LE Multi Connection TLSR921x SDK V4.0.1.1_Patch_0001 Developer Handbook
Developer Handbook (CN)
Bluetooth® Mesh TLSR921x Quick Guide SDK V3.1.0.2 Development Manual
Development Manual(CN)
Zigbee TLSR921x Quick Guide SDK V3.6.8.7 Developer Manual
Developer Manual (CN)
Zigbee + Bluetooth® LE Concurrent Mode TLSR921x SDK V2.3.2.1 e76bdd995c7537d890e98c2b49851865e93343ea82a2be6e27371d2d0ae5bd69
Driver TLSR921x SDK V2.3.0 Developer Handbook
Developer Handbook (CN)

Open Source SDK

Chipset Download Document
OpenThread TLSR921x/TLSR951x GitHub Repo
Matter TLSR921x/TLSR922x GitHub Repo Matter Developer Guide
Matter Developer Guide(CN)


Chipset Download Document
Zephyr TLSR921x/TLSR951x GitHub Repo Introduction

Development Kit and Application Boards

Download B91 Hardware Design Guideline

S/N Product Name Category Design Document
TLSR9518ADK80D-KIT B91 Generic Starter Kit Development Kit Hardware Guide
TLSR9518AWDK80D-KIT B91 Wearable Starter Kit Development Kit Solution
TLSR9518ADK80D B91 Development Board Development Board Reference Design
TLSR9518AWDK80D B91 Wearable Development Board Development Board Reference Design
TLSR9518ADG80D B91 Dongle Application Board Reference Design


* The SoCs and development kits can be purchased online via Mouser or Taobao.

* They can also be obtained by contacting Telink.