Human Interface Device (HID) Solution


Telink offers a complete spectrum of Wireless HID Solutions:

  • Turnkey Keyboard, Mouse, and Dongle solutions
  • Multi-mode (Bluetooth LE + Bluetooth Classic + 2.4GHz + USB) solutions deliver exceptional performance and unparalleled flexibility
  • Compatibility and robustness verified by third party lab test

Multiple Wireless Technologies:

  • 2.4GHz Proprietary
  • Bluetooth® Low Energy
  • Bluetooth dual-mode

Versatile functionalities and advanced features:

  • Concurrent multi-connection
  • Energy Harvesting
  • AES Encryption
  • Gaming solution

Solution Function Key Features Solution Status
8271Mouse + 8270 Keyboard + 9513 Dongle Bluetooth Dual-mode multi-connection Connection to audio sink device via Bluetooth Classic
Connection to multiple HID devices via Bluetooth LE
Lead Customer
8271 Mouse + 8270 Keyboard + 9517 Dongle 2.4G low-latency multi-connection For wireless gaming applications
Customized ultra-low-latency audio
Wireless mouse @ 1K report rate
Lead Customer
8271 Mouse + 8270 Keyboard + 8355 Dongle Bluetooth LE + 2.4G + USB AES, 1-N receiver,Tri-mode: Bluetooth LE + 2.4G + USB MP
8271 Mouse + 9213 Keyboard + 8355 Dongle Bluetooth LE + 2.4G + USB AES, 1-N receiver, Tri-mode,40 GPIOs for high-end keyboards MP
8355 Mouse + 8355 Keyboard + 8355 Dongle 2.4G-only AES, 1-N receiver MP

* Contact us to get hardware development kit and SDK.

Telink’s multi-standard ultra-low-power IC features flexible configuration variations that are tailored to meet the diverse requirements of clients’ wireless HID products in a cost-effective way. These variations offer different options for supported protocols, memory type, and number of GPIOs.

Clients who are looking for simple, 2.4G-only HID solutions may choose our 835x or 837x turnkey solutions, which feature competitive costs. Those who want their products to be compatible with Bluetooth LE+2.4G Dual-Mode or to support richer IO features may choose the more advanced portfolios consisting of 8271 or 9213 chips.