Always-On Local Voice RCU Solution


Benefits of Always-on Local Voice Remote Control

The AOV RCU solution can deliver improved experience to users:

  • No need to find or grab the RCU
  • No need to push the button for voice control
  • Instant response – as compared to cloud AI
  • Lower cost of AI ownership – no need for cloud service
  • Privacy – no data transmitted to the cloud

The AOV RCU solution can provide the manufacturers with possibility to produce different products:

  • RCU with advanced features targeting high-end segments
  • Proprietary keywords & features
  • Simpler and innovative design – fewer buttons

Comprehensive Always-on Voice RCU Solution



Part Number Datasheet SDK Dev Kit Hardware Design Guide TLSR8278 Audio RCU Reference Design
TLSR8278F1KET48 TLSR8278 Datasheet Please contact Telink Sales Team TLSR8278 Audio RCU Starter Kit TLSR827X Hardware Design Guide FR1 Reference Design
FR4 Reference Design


The demo below uses the TLSR8278 Audio RCU Starter Kit to demonstrate the Alexa voice control function.

Material List

The AOV (Always-On Local Voice) RCU demo kit integrated with Alexa volume control skill is ready for quick system evaluation, it includes:

  • TLSR8278 Audio RCU
  • TLSR8278 Dongle (receiver)
  • Telink Burning Board
  • USB cable


PC installed with

AAA Batteries


TLSR8278 RF Connectivity

  • Multi-protocol: Bluetooth LE & RF4CE (IEEE 802.15.4)
  • Ultra-low power: sleep current <1uA
  • Support FR1 Single-Layer PCB
  • Low system BOM
  • Full-stack SDK
  • Mature solution adopted by Tier-1 customers
  • Voice over RF – cloud AI

Near-field to Far-field Offline Voice Interface

  • Typical working distance: within 3 meters
  • Offline keyword spotting & speech recognition
    • Existing demo supports English with global accent
    • “Keyword + command” continuous detection
    • Language and keywords are customizable
  • Model footprint
    • 300KB flash (stored in TLSR8278 and is loaded into the edge AI processor upon power up)
  • Voice detection performance
    • Passed “Alexa” mandatory testing

Quick Start


Step 1: After the RCU is powered on, it will send ADV packet.

Step 2: Plug the dongle into the PC, then press SW2 on dongle board.


Step 3: Once the pairing is successful, the D2 Red LED on the dongle will light up.

  • Note:If RCU and dongle have been paired, RCU will directly connect with dongle.

Step 4: Once the RCU enters deep sleep mode, the white LED on the dongle will light up.

Demo RCU with “Alexa” Keywords


  • Speak “Alexa, Volume up”, the volume will be turned up on the PC.
  • Speak “Alexa, Volume Down”, the volume will be turned down on the PC.